White Faced Heron

Recently I spotted a white faced heron perched on a neighbour’s roof catching some early morning sun. This one looks like it has some breeding plumage.

These birds are usually seen around bodies of water and I sometimes see them on my walks at the local wetlands, so I was quite surprised to see one on the roof nextdoor.

As I watched, this heron proceeded to cough up something.

It’s always funny when a bird suddenly catches your eye.

The heron then gazes out looking like it’s feeling better.

Then the bird turns around to get some more sun before flying off towards the river.


8 thoughts on “White Faced Heron

  1. Great shots! The thing about herons that’s great from a photography standpoint is that if you don’t spook them, they’re nice slow movers. I lke that. Maybe hummingbirds could take a page from that book!

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  2. What a beautiful bird! I didn’t know that herons regurgitate. I have currawong visitors here in Sydney which regularly regurgitate. I love your posts, I haven’t been to Tassie yet but your emails are making me want to more and more. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Amanda. I hope you do get to visit Tassie soon. It’s a beautiful place and the people are friendly too. I love living here!


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