Summer’s Day Low Tide At The Wetlands

On a bright sunny summer’s day recently, I decided to try my luck birdwatching at Tamar Island Wetlands. I wasn’t expecting to see too much in the way of wildlife as it was quite a warm day and early afternoon with a low tide. I thought the majority of the birds would be hiding away in some shade somewhere, but I was quite surprised by what I found.

Low tide at Tamar Island Wetlands
Several great egrets and a cormorant hanging out together
Chestnut teal having a quiet midday snooze
Grey teals snoozing nearby
Another image of low tide at Tamar Island Wetlands
A variety of birds in one spot – black swans, great egrets, chestnut teals, grey teals and a masked lapwing
A young Australasian swamphen, the parent was close by.
A pair of geese foraging.
Cracked dried mud
A muddy beaked masked lapwing (plover)
A lovely cool and shady spot next to the bird hide
A grey teal with something to say
One of the lovely views from the boardwalk.
White faced herons.
A pair of chestnut teals.
Mother swan with her growing babies
Another view of the wetlands

If you ever find yourself in the Launceston area, it’s worth a trip out to the Tamar Island Wetlands as you can see all kinds of birds anytime of the day and the views are beautiful.



10 thoughts on “Summer’s Day Low Tide At The Wetlands

    1. Thanks Tina. Yes, the Wetlands are only a few minutes drive away from my home. It’s nice to be able to go there for a walk in the evening to destress after work.


  1. Lovely showcase of the wetlands Sue. Amazing how much water leaves the river at low tide. I do remember most of those places when I have visited there several times. The birds were in the same places also. I don’t know if the Shelduck is still there. Love seeing the signets going through their many stages of plumage change, these look like this seasons. Looks a little greener in the wetlands there than here. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks Ashley. I have seen a shelduck only once at the wetlands. But yesterday I got to see some spoonbills feeding which I hadn’t seen before. Enjoy the weekend. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderful images and findings, Sue! The scenery is lovely too, a beautiful place to visit and escape from the daily grind. You proved, a day out birding is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! πŸ™‚

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    1. Too true Donna. I went there for an early walk before breakfast this morning since I had the day off work for my birthday, and was blessed to see several spoonbills feeding at the wetlands entrance. πŸ™‚

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