White Kangaroos!

A friend at work told me about a spot near my home where there were some white kangaroos, so of course I had to go take a look.

Sure enough, only minutes in the car from my house, I came across a property with a number of kangaroos including white ones, as well as a few emus.

I managed to see 4 white kangaroos, technically they are albino as they are white with pink eyes. I was able to capture 3 of them in one shot.

This particular one was enjoying a grooming session.


There were also some grey kangaroos there.

And I spotted a few emus.

I don’t know if these animals are free ranging and just like to hang out here, or whether they are being kept by the people who live there, but in any case, it was certainly a treat to spend some time watching them.



6 thoughts on “White Kangaroos!

  1. Just to see and watch kangaroos in general would be a treat to me. To include seeing white ones is definitely an even better treat! I think kangaroos are adorable. How cool to how found this place and go watch them when you want. šŸ™‚ Of course, let’s not forget the Emus. such a stately bird!

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    1. Those emus may look stately, but they give me the willies. They have beady eyes and always follow me around the animal sanctuaries making that horrible throaty noise, like they already know I’m scared of them and are enjoying making me uncomfortable lol

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    1. Yes, it’s great they’re nearby, I can go and see them anytime. I think it’s not well known that they’re there, as when I showed the photos to some friends at work who are locals, they never knew about them.

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