Seagull Parade

If I decide to go for an early morning walk at the local wetlands when it’s high tide, I often find that I am the first person there for the day. How do I know? By the seagull parade!

Silver gulls and Pacific gulls lining the boardwalk

Along the boardwalk are a few bridges over sections of the Tamar River, and there are lots of silver gulls and pacific gulls that are perched on the bridges in the early morning at high tide.

Pacific gulls
More gulls on another bridge
White faced herons hanging out with the pacific gulls
A closer look at some Pacific gulls
A large number of immature Pacific gulls can be seen

As I get close to the birds, they start to cry and take flight, and soon there are heaps of gulls flying overhead, heading towards the harbour.

Once disturbed, the birds don’t return, they must continue on with their day. I hate to disturb them, but walk I must, and they don’t seem overly upset as they are there again the following day.

I took this video of walking past the seagulls. Unfortunately, YouTube has removed the stabiliser enhancement feature so the video is a bit wonky.

As you can see, these birds do make a mess of the boardwalk, but a bit of rain cleans it up.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gulls in one place before!




7 thoughts on “Seagull Parade

  1. Wow Sue, what an amazing capture of so many Pacific Gulls. I have never seen so many, and so beautifully lined up, even juveniles. These captures are artworks capturing the unusual sightings that you do not expect to find, well done!

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  2. I was thinking as I saw all those gulls on your path, that when they left as you approached, you were going to have to watch where you stepped, lol. Your capture of them sitting on the curved bridge is gorgeous, nice composition! Those beaks on the Pacific Gulls seem massive for a gull!

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    1. Thanks Donna. Yes, you do have to watch your step lol but there is also left over bones and bits of goodnessknowswhat lying around, dinner leftovers from the seagulls. 🙂

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