Interrupting Breakfast

This pademelon was so engrossed in having breakfast the other morning that I was able to get up nice and close and get a decent photo before he/she noticed me and hopped away.

I often see these lovely animals on my walks at the local wetlands in the early morning or late evening.

A few interesting facts about the pademelon 

Common Name: Tasmanian pademelon (say it as “paddy-melon”)

Also Known As: Rufous wallaby

Scientific Name: Thylogale billardierii

Location: Tasmania, Australia

Habitat: Rainforest, wet sclerophyll forest

Diet: Herbs, green shoots, short grass

Predators: Tasmanian devils, spotted-tailed quolls, wedge-tailed eagles

Breeding: No specific breeding season however 70% of joeys are born in early winter; young stay in the pouch for 6 months and mature at 15 months; life span 5-6 years


6 thoughts on “Interrupting Breakfast

  1. A great shot of this little guy Sue, they are so cute. I still remember my daughter many years ago when she was only three putting her hand out to pat them at Cradle Mountain and she would say to it “No bite!” while her brothers were patting it. It is a blessing to be able to have wildlife so accessible there in Tassie. You have enjoyed a long history of being close to wildlife and even caring for it. I am glad you are enjoying your time there and discovering the treasures of the this very unique place. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thanks Ashley. What a cute memory of your daughter with the pademelons, kids are always great with animals. Cradle Mountain is on my list of places to visit, might even try in winter, that would be quite the adventure!

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