Murmurations of Starlings

I’m excited to share a short video I took recently of the amazing flying patterns of starlings known as murmurations.

I only happened upon it by accident one evening as I was near the end of my walk at the Tamar Island Wetlands.  It was totally unexpected, and since then, I have taken my camera with me and tried to get some video of the starlings incredible flying formation. However, it’s difficult because they don’t seem to fly like this all the time, and now as winter approaches, I can’t get there early enough.


Amazing isn’t it! I could watch this all day! 🙂

There has to be hundreds of starlings coming in to settle for the night at the Wetlands. It certainly sounded like it when I walked past them! I wonder what they were saying to each other?


The European starling (also known as the Common starling) is an introduced and invasive bird here in Australia, but even so, it is a very pretty bird when the sun shines on them exposing their metallic rainbow of colours, and they also have a beautiful song.

European starling (not my photo)

Have you ever seen a murmuration of starlings or any other bird?




6 thoughts on “Murmurations of Starlings

  1. Hallo Sue
    Stunning! The ever-shifting shape of the murmuration so low above the dry grass is spectacular.I haven’t seen a murmuration myself (other than in videos). Well done on capturing such a pretty one.

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    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s nothing like those mass murmurations you see on tv docos from England, but beautiful to watch all the same!


  2. I’m not fond of starlings as their bullying behavior is annoying (to say the least), but oh, those mumurations! As well, their plumage is stunning, which your lovely photo captures perfectly.

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  3. Love your video, Sue, how awesome to capture! We have these birds as well, and I’ve seen their flying murmurations myself, pretty spectacular. Your close-up photo perfectly displays their stunning iridescent coloring in the light, fantastic!

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