Little Penguins At Stanley

Continuing on with my road trip to Stanley in Tasmania’s north west with my friend Petrina, one of the things I was most looking forward to was seeing the Little Penguins at Godfreys Beach.

It would be hard not to know there were penguins to be spotted in Stanley when you see these signs!

Penguin road sign in Stanley, Tasmania

In Stanley, there is a special purpose built viewing platform where the public can go and watch the Little Penguins (also known as Fairy Penguins) come ashore at night. There is no guided tour and there is no fee to enter the viewing platform, so you can make your way there when it’s convenient for you. Check the sign out front to see what time the penguins are expected to make their appearance.

There are quite a lot of vantage points for seeing the little penguins up fairly close from the viewing platform and there is plenty of room if it gets busy with people. You’re not allowed to use torches so the only light you have is the soft red glow from the lights along the platform and around it on the beach.

This is what we saw from the viewing platform on our first night just after 9.15pm.

The lack of light makes it difficult to get any decent photos or video, but watching those little penguins come ashore and hearing their calls was a beautiful experience. And as you can see, the penguins came up quite close to the viewing platform.

The next night, and our last night at Stanley, was bitterly cold, extremely windy and rainy, so I had to beg and plead with my friend to get her to come with me to see the penguins one last time, and we were both very happy we did venture out as we saw this just down the road before we even got to the viewing platform!

This was the highlight of my trip and an experience to remember! ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Little Penguins At Stanley

  1. Lovely to see these little guys again Sue. Looks like things have changed there since I was there years ago. Nice platform facility now, but no guided tours. I guess they thought it less stressful to the pemguins to do it this way.

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    1. Yes, plenty of room for everyone to view the penguins and the viewing platform did look kind of new and fresh so not sure how long it has been there. We enjoyed watching the penguins and their antics and spotting them in people’s front yards too!

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  2. Hallo Sue
    It does sound windy in that last video. How lovely to see the penguins. They look so engaging, with their funny way of walking. There used to be a small colony in Manly, under the jetty that leads to the ferry wharf, but I haven’t seen them for a while.

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    1. The penguins are certainly entertaining to watch. They seemed to congregate in small groups and then gradually make their way up. We also saw a few in someone’s front garden!


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