European Goldfinch

The European goldfinch is an introduced bird to Australia. It was released in the 1860s in urban areas but the species quickly adapted to their new environment and expanded out in the country areas. Today these birds can be seen all around Australia, including Tasmania.

The European goldfinch is a very colourful bird, but being a fast moving little finch, they can be difficult to photograph. It’s nice to occasionally see a small charm of these finches picking up seeds in my backyard or along the end of the track at the Tamar Island Wetlands, as can be seen in my video below.

I love the sounds they make!

One thought on “European Goldfinch

  1. Certainly a charming little charm Sue, a nice capture. I do remember us chasing these birds when we were over there and at first wondering what they were, thinking they were some endemic species of Tassie. 🙂 . It is interesting how they have done so well there and not in great numbers here. We never see them here on the coast.

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