Treeful of Cockatoos

Before winter came, a large flock of sulphur crested cockatoos turned up one afternoon in a neighbour’s tree.

Look at them all!

There was so many of them and it was very noisy, even from where I was two doors down.

The sulphur crested cockatoo is found all over Australia. They are large birds of about 52cm in length, and are very noisy, either in groups or individually! They can also be quite destructive as I’m sure many Aussies reading this would have had a cockatoo gnaw away at their wooden verandah or ruin their TV antenna at some stage.

These cockatoos on the neighbour’s tree looked like they were eating the nuts off the trees.

Look at the cheeky cockatoo with its crest up on the top left in this next photo. πŸ˜†

Thankfully the birds didn’t stay too long and they flew off into the afternoon sun (probably to annoy another neighbour lol).

6 thoughts on “Treeful of Cockatoos

  1. A lovely little stop over they had Sue, flocks are often looking for seed pods from last Summer still, which that tree may offer. Winter is often the time we see the rarer Cocky species coming in from the mountains for seed, and to escape the colder winters.They will return now to breed.

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    1. I have been seeing a large flock of these birds flying around the area lately, they sometimes stop by in the neighbour’s big trees and squawk away or hang upside down off a branch and other antics. Although they can be noisy, they can also be entertaining to watch!

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