The Big Tree At Mawbanna

Big Tree

This tall, old tree is one of the few still standing in a forest that was originally logged.

This tall tree is located in the Dip River Forest Reserve near Stanley, Tasmania and is an easy 10 minute walk through lush rainforest.

The tree is a browntop stringybark eucalypt, a species found in the cooler climates of south eastern Australia.

These trees can grow as high as 90 metres, but this particular tree is impressive not because of its height, a mere 62 metres, but because of its massive circumference at its base, a whopping 16 metres!

Me with the Big Tree showing just how massive it is!

It’s believed that this tree is 400 years old! 😮

Sadly, this tree won’t be around much longer, it has large holes and hollow cavities in its trunk and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes unsafe and will likely have to be cut down.

Here’s a quick video of this tree in all its glory.

So make the time to visit this magnificent and unusual specimen before it’s too late.

You could make a day of it by including the beautiful Dip Falls only a kilometre away –

And check out the information panels at the waterfall for information on a short walk into the bush opposite the car park to discover some old history of the sawmill and residents that once lived there.

So make a point to include these incredible spots on your next visit to the Tarkine, it’ll be worth it!

4 thoughts on “The Big Tree At Mawbanna

  1. Quite a huge tree Sue, and another lovely spot to visit. It is sad they just leave all that heavy iron from the steam days lying around in the bush like that, it could be recycled if they could get it out, though it does have an aesthetic look with the lichen growing over it..

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    1. Yes, it is a bit sad they left some behind, and I imagine it may have been difficult getting it all out, but I guess it’s a good reminder of what’s happened in the past.

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