Exploring Honeycomb Cave

Honeycomb Cave is a little known gem of a place near Mole Creek, Tasmania. It’s situated in the Mole Creek Karst National Park but isn’t signposted. There is a little car park right next to the cave entrance, and it’s very close to the road, so if you find yourself at the campgound, you’ve gone too far.

Despite the ominous sign above, you are allowed to explore the cave on your own. Just be sure to check out the posters in the little wooden shed next to the car park for current information. And you will need a Tasmanian National Parks pass.

This was the first cave entrance we discovered.

It was easy to get down into the cave. And you could feel the temperature drop straight away.

A river runs through the cave network but there was plenty of dry areas to walk around freely.

The only wildlife I saw in the caves
Looking back at the entrance from inside the cave

After spending a few minutes looking around, we decided to exit the cave and walk around to see if we could gain entry via the openings where we had seen light coming in at the far end.

This is the second cave entrance we found.

It was fairly easy getting down into this cave as well. Although once down there, you couldn’t walk around much.

So we exited this cave and walked around a bit further and sure enough there was a third entrance, although this one was a bit steep getting in and out, but quite doable.

This turned out to be the best part of the caves.

Looking back at the entrance
Shadows and light

It was here that it got a bit dark and we needed to use a torch to see well enough. On the right hand side we saw this tunnel leading into absolute blackness. Neither of us were feeling game enough to explore down that way, perhaps another time. πŸ™‚

Going back the way we came

Honeycomb Cave was quite an adventure, even just exploring around the cave entrances was fun and interesting.

If you prefer to go deeper into the dark tunnels, you can do a guided tour with Wild Cave Tours.

Honeycomb Cave can be found on Wet Caves Road at Caveside near Mole Creek, and its on the way to Westmorland Falls, so it’s easy to make a day of it and visit both the waterfall and the caves.

We did the waterfall walk in the morning then explored the caves for awhile and had a late lunch at the picnic area at the cave site, enjoying the peace and tranquility around us, mountains in the distance, and cows watching us curiously. I even saw a kookaburra and a skink!

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  1. Another very interesting place in central Tassie I have not yet explored Sue, and lovely footage of the caves. That water looks crystal clear and fresh. Looks like a great day out.

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    1. Yes, it was a great day and not too far from home either. And another good spot that not many locals seem to know about. Hope you’re taking notes for where to visit when you are able to come down to Tassie! πŸ˜€

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