Winter Flowers In My Garden

About a year ago I planted a number of native plants in my garden and they have been thriving. I was pleasantly surprised to find some of them flowered prolifically over winter providing some much needed food for the native honeyeaters.

WINTER DELIGHT A low growing shrub, grevillea hybrid.

PINKY PETITE A groundcover grevillea

BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE A compact shrub grevillea

PINK PIXIE A small sprawling shrub grevillea

FIREWORKS Hybrid grevillea shrub

CORREA MINI MARVEL A compact shrub version of Correa Marian’s Marvel


PIG FACE A groundcover succulent with the most intense orange flowers I’ve ever seen!

But I am most impressed with this native plant that flowered for the first time over winter and looks amazing!

SCARLET SPRITE A dense and spiky shrub grevillea

And here is what makes it worthwhile having a native garden – I finally managed to capture a video of a wattlebird drinking the nectar of the grevillea flowers.

5 thoughts on “Winter Flowers In My Garden

  1. A beautiful selection of Grevillea in your garden Sue, some I have not seen. It is beautiful to see the Spring flowers, it is so sad we can’t go into the bush to see them at present. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

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    1. Thanks Ashley, it has been nice to see the plants I put in establish and grow well so far and a bonus to see the wattlebirds and honeyeaters visit. Very windy down here today and rain is on the way again for yet another wet weekend. ๐Ÿคจ

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