Royal Spoonbills Feeding

On a morning walk at Tamar Island Wetlands, I managed to watch a number of Royal spoonbills feeding on the tidal flats.

Royal spoonbills are not normally found in Tasmania, however, there is a small flock that has made the Wetlands their home all year round.

“Eat with your mouth closed!”
Shy young royal spoonbill
Inquisitive young royal spoonbill
The young and the old

Usually I will catch sight of these birds in the distance, but on this occasion, they were close to the boardwalk and were mesmerising to watch as they scoured the mud for little crustaceans.

9 thoughts on “Royal Spoonbills Feeding

    1. Thanks! These birds aren’t supposed to be in Tassie but there is a small flock that lives at Tamar Island Wetlands all year round. They can be seen from the car park most of the time or near the bird hide, usually in the mornings. They’re great to watch!

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      1. I don’t get up that way often … and can’t right now, lol.
        About 2 years ago I notices Corella’s – which don’t belong here and are from South Australia, were hanging out with Sulfur Crested White Cockatoos near Richmond! I only noticed them when editing photos I took of a flock. On a coastal walk later, I noticed a pair nesting in a dead tree hollow! The world is changing.

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