The Tasmanian Arboretum

Located at Eugenana, just south of Devonport in Tasmania, is the Tasmanian Arboretum – a vast collection of trees situated in a peaceful and picturesque landscape.

The arboretum site was originally farmland and was turned into a botanical park in 1984, expanding over the years so that it now includes 66 ha (163 acres).

There are over 5,000 trees and more than 1,500 different species, including some endangered ones.

The park is divided into different sections featuring the trees from the different continents of the world and also has a special area dedicated to Tasmanian trees.

There was even a small section devoted to lichen.

You can wander around at your leisure following all the different trails and experience the trees from different countries and enjoy the serenity of the lake.

Looking at the lake from inside the bird hide –

It had been raining a lot in the week before we visited and we discovered lots of colourful mushrooms and toadstools amongst the trees.

There is also a variety of wildlife that can be spotted in the park.

Numerous species of birds have been sighted all year round. We saw black swans, Tasmanian native hens, pacific black ducks, shellducks, little pied cormorant, eurasian coots, blackbirds, forest ravens, green rosellas, superb fairy wrens and several other little birds flitting about in the trees that were hard to identify. Early on we came across this bird running around leaf litter –

That is a bassian thrush and my first sighting of one!

You can also spot pademelons, Bennetts wallabies, possums, potoroos, bettongs, and occasionally a Tasmanian devil and echidna.

Bennetts Wallaby

However the park is well known for its regular sightings of platypus which can be seen any time of day!

We missed seeing the autumn colours on display at the park when we went, but it’s such a big place to explore and will beckon me for future visits I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “The Tasmanian Arboretum

  1. Hallo Sue
    Thanks for the lovely pictures. What a peaceful place! Congrats on spotting a Bassian Thrush! I haven’t seen one of those yet.


  2. Quite a vast area of parkland Sue with much room for planting. We find arboretums great for birding as well as plants. What a great find for you to see the Bassians there, they are a seldom seen rainforest bird, I am surprised they are also over there. Some beautiful sightings and vistas including the Platypus which do very well in Tassie where there are less predators.

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    1. Yes, it’s a great place, and I think the platypus sighting was the highlight for me. I think I’ll be visiting there again as it’s not far from home, and hope to see some more birds next time.

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