Rainbow Lorikeets On A Rainy Day

We haven’t had much rain at all here in South East Queensland, it’s been a very dry winter so far. When it does rain, the birds and animals seem to get noisy with excitement over a bit of precipitation. Several weeks ago we had a good drop of rain one day and it wasn’t long before our veranda became a sanctuary for many wet and bedraggled rainbow lorikeets.

At first, some birds stayed in the tree.

rainbow lorikeets in tree
How many rainbow lorikeets can you see?

But as the rain became heavier, they flew onto the veranda for shelter.

Then more came.

And then more!

They were huddled everywhere.

But the heavy rain didn’t stop some lorikeets from eating ……

Or fighting ……

And some just sat at the empty feeder in the pouring rain.

It got a bit noisy there for awhile, but once the birds had dried off and the rain eased many of them took advantage of the break in the weather and flew off. Others just didn’t seem to care …..  🙂




Lots of Lorikeets!

We’ve had a decent drop of rain here on the Gold Coast over the last several days, and there has been more than the usual number of rainbow lorikeets turning up for a quick feed. In fact, yesterday there were so many of them, I had to put out a second dish of feed but it still wasn’t enough!

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This Week’s Visitors

It was a busy week for wildlife visitors, not sure why, the weather perhaps, or just that time of year. We had the usual regulars, plus a few infrequent visitors, a visitor who has never been here before, and we also had a very special guest! See who they all are in the photos below.

Here’s our regulars –

Here are a couple of visitors that we don’t see very often –

This is a visitor that is new to our place –

And here is our very special guest –

Sorry about the quality of these last 2 photos, they were taken without a flash in the semi darkness.  Mummy possum insists on sitting in the bird feeder just out of reach of the veranda light.  I tried to lighten them up a bit. This was the first night out of the pouch for the little joey. He is so tiny and cute! You can see him sniffing and looking around at his strange new world. He is our very special guest this past week and we hope to be seeing more of him and watch grow up. 🙂

Rainbow Lorikeet Antics

What better way to start off the new year than with an amusing video of rainbow lorikeets. Not only are these birds bright and colourful, they have so much personality and get up to all kinds of things. I took this video recently when a lot of lorikeets turned up in the gum tree out the front of our house. They were very noisy and chatty and bickering amongst themselves, and all while hanging upside down!


Baby Lorikeets

Summer is now well and truly here and all the baby birds are growing up. We have a number of young ones around at the moment, magpies, currawongs and rainbow lorikeets. As they are getting bigger and older and now flying, their parents seem to allow them to be closer to our house and there is less swooping of the magpies since their young ones are bigger too. I’ll be updating the baby magpies and currawongs soon, but today I wanted to share a video of some baby lorikeets I took recently.

Baby lorikeets have a high pitched screeching sound and we’ve been hearing it for a few weeks and the noise has been getting closer and closer to the house. Then I heard them on the veranda and saw that there was one in the bird feeder and when I grabbed my camera and started filming, I then saw there were two babies! I call them babies but they look almost as big as an adult but appear to have shorter wings and tail. And in the video below you can see both babies screeching and following an adult lorikeet about in the bird feeder, so they both look like they are still being fed by their parents. This is only the second time I have ever seen young lorikeets.



Loving Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets are such a bright beautiful bird full of personality and attitude, you can’t help but love them! I filmed this pair of lorikeets sitting on our veranda the other day. Just adorable! 🙂


Do you have rainbow lorikeets visiting your place?