Possum Screamfest

This is a video I took of some brushtail possums who live in my laundry. You will see a mother possum called Chloe and her joey, and there is also a smaller joey who was in the possum box on its own.

On this occasion, two joeys were screeching at each other, why, I’m not sure as I’ve never seen this before. Maybe they were two young males trying to assert their authority over the other, or perhaps they just liked to hear their own voices.

I took my cue from the mother possum who sat calmly eating some banana while this was all going on, seemingly ignoring the young ones carry-ons. Even so, I stood well back, not wanting to accidentally get in the middle of any fight that might develop.

Finally they noticed the banana that I was waving at them and the screeching suddenly stopped. I tossed up a few pieces of banana, then within seconds  this happened –

All is quiet once again. 🙂




Wildlife Visitors in February 2018

cane toad

Welcome to another monthly round up of wildlife visitors in my backyard, and this time there was a bit more variety other than just birds coming to visit.

It was lovely to see the bright colourful rainbow lorikeets dropping by. They didn’t visit very often as there were plenty of flowers around for them.

rainbow lorikeets feeding

A few times I managed to spy these lovely little scaly breasted lorikeets, finishing up the leftovers after the rainbow loris.

scaly breasted lorikeets

Do you remember the baby kookaburra we have visiting with his parents? Here he is all grown up now.


This pied currawong is a young adult looking for a new territory to call its own. He has been turning up a number of times but my regular pair of pied currawongs come out of nowhere bellowing an alarm call and chase him away.

pied currawong

And this is one mean looking torresian crow!

torresian crow

We had a fair amount of rain at the end of February, making it a very hot, humid and tropical end to the summer, and as a result we had two rather unwelcome visitors.

The first was this carpet python. He was about 6 feet long and it seemed that he had come onto the veranda out of the deluge that night. Unfortunately he was only a few feet from our door, so we had to move him along and away from the house. He wasn’t very happy about being made to go back in the rain and he was quite stubborn about the whole thing!

carpet pythonThe other unwelcome visitor was this cane toad, and unfortunately he wasn’t the only one around. This is a highly invasive species and very toxic.

cane toad

My last visitors were, of course, the brushtail possums.  You may recall I previously shared a video of Chloe with her little joey who are living in the possum box in the laundry. Well, here is a  more recent video of them.

And last time, Sassy had a little joey leg sticking out of her pouch, well here she is with the little one now a backrider. Unfortunately, another possum arrived and scared them off.

And finally, I just had to include these photos of the pretty colours of my frangipani flowers that are out. They smell divine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you notice the tiny spider photobombing my picture of the flowers with a pink tinge? 😀 (Bottom left flower hiding behind a petal).

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.

Wildlife Visitors in January 2018

male eastern water dragon red chest

January was a busy month for me as I was taking on extra work on weekends, but I still managed to see plenty of wildlife visitors in my backyard, some of which are featured here.

The kookaburra family only has one baby this year, and they have been visiting quite a lot. Here’s a photo of the baby (not so little anymore!) with one of the parents on the left.

kookaburras in a gum tree

Here it is again looking very hungry.

kookaburras in a gum treeI was fortunate one day to see the young one being fed a mouse, so if you would like to see pictures click here and if you would like to see the young kookaburra eating some leftover prawns I had one day click here.

The backyard was also a abuzz with the arrival of some blue faced honeyeaters. Apparently they like the flowers on the banana tree.

The rainbow lorikeets have increased in numbers again, possibly food was getting scarce since we only had the briefest drop of rain all month. And they have been cooling off in our roof guttering again. I think the water is cool because it’s run off from the air conditioner, and as you can see in the video below, they are thoroughly enjoying themselves!

I also got to see more of the eastern water dragon. Late one afternoon I spied him warming himself on the concrete, his big red chest on display. Doesn’t he look magnificent?!

male eastern water dragon red chestThis guy also turned up unexpectedly one day to eat some leftover prawns along with the kookaburras, click here to see pictures.

A visitor we don’t see very often was this big guy – a goanna, or lace monitor, as it’s also known.

goanna lace monitor in treeThis goanna caused quite a stir when he made an appearance. You can see more photos and video in my earlier post here.

My little posse of possums seems to be ever growing. This photo is of Sassy (the one who has her tongue sticking out all the time) and she has a joey as you can see.

Sassy munching food on the roof. You can just see a joey’s leg sticking out of the pouch.

And this is no kookaburra hanging out in the kookaburra nesting box, but at least it’s being used!

possum in kookaburra nesting box

This is newcomer Minnie and she has an older joey with her. But the young one must be quite a handful because most nights there is such a loud screeching coming from the box. I went out with a torch one night to investigate in case there was an unwelcome visitor causing trouble, but it was just Minnie screaming at her joey in the box. Maybe she’d had enough of his whining to go out and play and sent him to the naughty corner.

And this possum was too far away to tell who it was.

brushtail possum in box

brushtail possum in box

But he or she likes their new home.

And lastly, I’d like to share a few short clips of one of my favourite possums, Chloe, who has a young joey. In my last monthly wildlife round up post I shared some images of the glimpses I got of the tiny joey, well, now it has grown. Here they both are on 6th January –

Isn’t that little one adorable? It’s so young it doesn’t even resemble mum yet!

And here they are on 28th January –

You can see that the joey has more fur on and actually looks like a possum now. It’s also starting to investigate its surroundings, from the safety of mum’s back of course!


Thanks for reading about my backyard wildlife visitors! 🙂

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.








A Tale of Two Possums

You may remember me writing previously about two brushtail possums that seem to be making their home in a possum box in our outside laundry. I call them the possum box sitters. They are Heidi, an adult female possum, and Chloe, her joey who has grown up and continues to live alongside her, which I think is a bit unusual for possums. Well, there has been a development …

Heidi and Chloe sharing the possum box

Chloe seems to be always either inside the box or sleeping on top of it, whereas Heidi comes and goes. Sometimes I have found both possums in the box at the same time – it must be a tight squeeze for two adult possums!

Despite being mother and daughter, these girls love their food and don’t like to share, as you can see in the video below.

All’s fair in love and carrot war!

One morning I was in the laundry and noticed something a little unusual.

I could not believe I was seeing a little tail! I waited quietly and patiently and was finally rewarded with this –

Chloe has become a mum!!

The next day I went to check on the possums because it was very hot and I thought I should open up the door and window for them to circulate the air, and I found that Chloe had moved to a spot in the rafters. This may have been cooler for her as there was a gap in the wall around a pipe and she could get a breeze. Then I saw the tiny joey again, probably misbehaving as I could hear Chloe usher quiet little noises to it.

The joey’s little tail hangs down with a cute little curl
The joey drinking from mum’s pouch.
You’re not going anywhere little one!
Come back here and behave! Says mum
Safe and sound snuggled in with mum

I couldn’t get to see the joey’s face, it seemed to have its head buried in mum’s pouch a lot, but it looks a dear little thing.

Having spent some time watching these two, I thought I may as well see if Heidi was in the box, so I grabbed my camera and took a photo through the hole and captured this –

Heidi in the possum box with a pinky joey

Heidi was just waking up when I snapped the photo, and she looks hot in the box as she’s stretched out, but you can see the tiny joey she has in her pouch. Here’s a close up.

A close up of the tiny pinky joey

So Heidi has also become a mum! Heidi is on to her third joey in about 12 months!

I have to say, that little pinky joey is definitely the smallest joey I have ever seen in my backyard!

Two little babies, completely unexpected, what a double delight!

I could not have asked for a better way to end the year. Happy New Year everyone!




Wildlife Visitors in September 2017

September was the beginning of spring in Australia and here in Queensland the dry weather continued. The temperatures warmed up quickly, the green grass has gone yellow and brown and crispy, snakes are out and about (thankfully I haven’t seen any – yet!) and the bushfire season has started early. I put out extra water dishes for the birds and animals and had to keep topping them up due to lack of rain.

Part of our property looking extremely dry just before we had a good fall of rain on 1st October. The dark green patch of grass is where a small underground spring seeps through.

The magpies have still been very territorial and keeping a lot of birds from visiting the backyard. In this last week I have heard the familiar sounds of baby magpies begging for food and I finally spotted the magpie’s nest, high up in a gum tree at the back of our property. I guess we shall be seeing the young ones very soon.

I didn’t think I’d get to see much wildlife in September, but surprisingly, I did get a visit from a few birds I hardly see around here, and of course, there were baby possums to adore. ❤

First up, there was a brief visit by a long billed corella. He arrived out of the blue one day, had a few words with the locals, then took off.

Long billed corella
Having words with the locals

I’ve been seeing a pair of galahs hanging around too. They’ve been sitting on the glider boxes up the back of our property squawking and carrying on, probably upset the box hole is too small for them and disturbing its occupant in the process (if there is one). Then other days they can be seen just chilling in the gum trees. The galahs are very pretty birds and it’s lovely to have them around.

Early on in the month, after the grass was cut and it was still a bit green, I watched the galahs wander around eating grass shoots. I thought it was interesting how each of the birds ate differently. And what startled the galah in the video below, I have no idea, but it was funny. 🙂

On one occasion there was a brief visit by a female king parrot, eating the berries off the nightshade tree.

Female king parrot
Oops! She spotted me!

The rainbow lorikeets have returned in growing numbers since we are back to using their favourite lorikeet mix.  Because of all the fighting I’ve been putting out 2 dishes of food for them.

In last month’s Wildlife Wednesday post I mentioned I may have some possum joey photos to share with you. And here they are!

This was the first joey I saw, and this is Sassy and her joey.

How cute is that little one as it tries to hang on tight while mum moves around?  You can see more photos and videos of these two in my earlier post here.

The second joey I saw was even younger, and it happened to be Heidi’s little one. Here’s a short video of Heidi and her latest addition. (no sound)

How adorable is that little possum with the floppy ears? For more photos and videos of Heidi’s family see my previous post here.

And Heidi’s other joey, Chloe, who is almost fully grown, is still here too. Here she is eating her favourite food.

And then there’s this guy –

A male brushtail possum

He’s a new visitor to our place, and I wonder if he’s the one responsible for the two little joeys. Welcome to our home George!

Thanks for visiting and reading about my backyard wildlife visitors. 🙂

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.

Another Possum Joey Arrives

You might remember that I have a possum box in my outside laundry which has been occupied for some time by a female possum and her joey who is really a sub-adult, that being Heidi and Chloe. And awhile back I spotted the mother, Heidi, on the veranda railing with a bulging pouch, thinking I would see the little joey very soon. Well, I saw the little one sooner than expected.

On the 1st September 2017, I went to the laundry to do a load of washing and saw this.

I was wondering who this poor possum was, curled up in a ball on top of the possum box. When I started talking to it and had a bit of banana ready, I realised it was Chloe, the mother’s joey who is nearly full grown.

Then I heard some scrabbling from inside the box. When no one appeared, I put my camera in the box to see what was going on. (There is no sound in the video below)

I have to say, I rarely get the opportunity to see such a young joey like this. This one wasn’t even ready to be a backrider yet.

About a week later, on 9th September 2017, I was in the laundry again and filmed this.

The loud munching sound you can hear is Chloe eating a banana behind the box.

Amazing how much difference a week made. The young joey now has more fur on it and is nibbling at the banana.

As lovely as it was to see this little bundle of joy, I couldn’t help but feel sad for Chloe. Her mum had appeared to turf her out of home because of the new baby and Chloe was staying close by sleeping on top of the box.

Then about a week later, on 16th September 2017, I saw this.

That’s Chloe on the left sleeping soundly next to her mother Heidi, and the little joey is tucked away in the pouch. Both of them were so deeply asleep they didn’t know I was there. The background noise you can hear is the washing machine and dryer in operation. I was relieved to see that mum hadn’t entirely abandoned her older child and was still happy to share the box with her.

Since then, I have seen Heidi and her new joey, who is now a backrider, dropping by for a snack on their nightly travels. Interestingly, I have found on several occasions that Chloe is all alone in the possum box, and other times, all 3 of them are in there, and sometimes, Chloe is sleeping on the box and the other two are inside it. Maybe this is Heidi’s way for Chloe to get used to being on her own as she will soon be an adult herself.

I have to say that I feel very fortunate living where I do and being able to experience these precious little moments that not many people get to see. I just love seeing the cute little joeys as they emerge from their mum’s pouch and discover their new world. I love watching them grow up and their personalities take shape. It’s even better if they find a home close by and become a regular visitor, even becoming friendly enough to hand feed, and in turn, bringing their joeys around to show them a safe place to eat and sleep.

Have you got any possum joeys dropping by your place?



The Adventures of Sassy Possum and Her Joey

Sassy possum has been visiting over the past week with her new joey, and what adventures they have had!

Sassy and joey

This is the first glimpse of Sassy and her joey that I had. I love how the little one tries to cling on tight to mum’s back as she heads over for some food.

The little joey is too young to eat solid food at the moment, and I’ve often seen it hanging upside down drinking from mum’s pouch. This joey is quite the acrobat! 😀

Hungry joey

This video shows just how strong and agile possums can be, even when carrying a passenger. One giant leap for possumkind ……

Sassy loves her banana, so I’m sure her joey got a talking to after this incident.

All’s well that ends well. 🙂

Back where joey belongs