Can You Recognise These Baby Australian Animals?

The first time I saw a picture of a baby wombat I thought it was a joke – it looked nothing like a wombat!

This got me thinking, what other animals are there that look nothing like their parents? After scouring the internet, I have selected 10 photos of baby native Australian animals. See how many you can recognise. 🙂

















So how did you go? Did you know all of them?


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The app takes you outside to your backyard, a local park, the beach, on a hike, anywhere you can think of where there’s wildlife. Photograph the animals and plants you see, then submit them to be included in your collection and added to your country’s national database with their geographical location. You’ll not only be growing your wildlife collection, you’ll also be helping researchers, scientists, and others record your country’s biodiversity. How amazing is that?!

Once you register and set up your profile, you can start to submit wildlife photos. You can use the camera on your phone to take photos or upload photos to your phone. Simply upload the photo, choose the wildlife category, and if you know it, you can narrow down the species. There is also an option to write notes if you wish. Once you submit the photo it shows as pending until a verifier confirms the identification then your sighting is accepted. If you don’t know the exact species of wildlife, you can leave this section blank and a verifier will identify it for you. You’ll get a notification of what the animal is, some info about it, even a link to check out more about it. And you may even get a compliment or two from the verifier about your photo!

With each correct identification of wildlife you earn gold coins which can be used to purchase items in the shop, like more powerful binoculars to increase the speed of verification of species, or a larger backpack that can last a long time if you go on a quest, or perhaps you can afford a vehicle to drive long distances. There is even the capacity to share your wildlife finds on social media.

You can take and submit photos as much as you like, but if you feel like some company or have a competitive edge, why not try something a little different?

Quests are like mini competitions where you can join up and buy supplies from the shop to last you the length of the quest, and then you compete with the other members on the quest to see who can spot all the species listed within the time frame. The winner gets heaps of gold coins! There is also the ability to request a quest for your area and even to start your very own quest for others to join.

Don’t like to go out on your own? Join a clan! You’ll get the benefit of earning large amounts of gold coins when a large group goes on a quest and you can add their species to your collection as well.

If you’re a real competitive sort of person, you might want to try your hand with a head to head challenge where you go against one person to find certain species within an allotted timeframe.

The more photos you submit, the more gold you earn, increasing your levels, building your collection of species, and moving higher up the leader board to be the best wildlife adventurer in the country!

And if all this isn’t enough for you, within the app there is a button to go to QuestaLab which is a wildlife quiz you can take to earn more gold. It’s fast, fun and challenging! So far the quizzes I have done consist of bird photos with multiple choice answers for the correct identification. I love how every now and then they throw in a photo of a bird with possible scientific names to choose from – they’re hard at first if you don’t know your stuff, but it’s a great way to learn!

I’ve been using this app for awhile now and I absolutely love it! I’ve been using it to submit photos of animals and birds around home, but I’m really looking forward to using it when I next go on holidays. I even sent them an enquiry and was very surprised by the fast response time. The app is free and has no in app purchases, and it’s so easy to use. Above all, it’s a lot of fun and an excellent way to learn about the flora and fauna in your local area (yes, you can even submit photos of weeds, fungi and ferns!).

Questagame currently works in Australia, UK, USA, India, Mexico, New Zealand, UAE and the Netherlands, and more countries are being added all the time.

Watch this video from Questagame to see what it’s all about.

If you or your kids enjoy taking photographs and are interested in plants and animals, download Questagame for free (no in app purchases) from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

See you on your next wildlife adventure!