Welcome Swallow Chicks

I recently had the pleasure of observing some Welcome swallow chicks that had chosen my front porch as a place to hang out after they had left the nest!

Such little fluff balls!

They were patiently waiting for mum and dad to drop by and feed them.

These lovely little birds are commonly found all over Australia, usually seen flying madly through the air as they catch insects. They have a beautiful metallic blue colour on their back.

Here’s a video of the gang.

Those of you who have been following my blog for sometime might recall my post about Frankie the swallow who often visited me. I wonder if these young ones might be Frankie’s babies.

And here’s another video of a different swallow chick I saw a few weeks earlier getting fed by its parents, apparently my front porch is a popular hangout for these birds!

FUN FACT: Welcome swallows got their name from sailors as they would be greeted by these birds when they were close to land and were therefore a welcome sight!