Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks

This is my check list of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks compiled by Tasmania Parks And Wildlife Service.

You can click on the name of a completed walk to go to my post and read about my experiences and check out my photos and videos.

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For more information about Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks please go to the Tasmania Parks And Wildlife Service website by clicking here.

Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks

Alum Cliffs completed 9 Aug 2020

Apsley River Waterhole And Gorge

Archers Knob

Bishop And Clerk

Bivouac Bay

Calcified Forest

Cape Hauy

Cape Raoul

Cape Tourville completed 1 June 2021

Castle Rock

Coal Mines Historic Site

Cradle Summit

Crater Lake completed 24 June 2020

Donaghys Hill

Dove Lake completed 7 Aug 2019

Duck Reach

Duckhole Lake completed 11 Oct 2020

Echo Point

Enchanted Walk completed 4 Aug 2019

Evercreech completed 16 January 2021

Fern Glade completed 8 February 2022

Fluted Cape

Fossil Cliffs

Franklin Nature Trail

Friendly Beaches

Goblin Forest Walk

Hartz Peak

Hogarth Falls


Huon Pine Walk

Kelly Basin

Labillardiere Peninsula

Lake Esperance

Lake St Clair

Leven Canyon Lookout completed 3 Apr 2021

Liffey Falls Walk completed 15 Mar 2020


Meander Falls

Montezuma Falls

Mount Rufus

Nelson Falls

Organ Pipes

Painted Cliffs

Pandani Grove

Pine Lake completed 9 Aug 2020

Ralphs Falls completed 20 Sept 2020

Russell Falls completed 7 February 2021

Shadow Lake

South Cape Bay completed 12 Oct 2020

St Columba Falls completed 20 Sept 2020

Strzelecki Peaks

Tahune Airwalk

Tall Trees completed 7 February 2021

Tamar Island completed 14 Jul 2018

The Nut Walk completed 2 Dec 2019

Three Falls Circuit

Trousers Point

Waterfall Bay

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach

Wineglass Bay Lookout