About Me

Hi! I’m Sue and I live in Australia. I started this blog to share my experiences with Australian wildlife in my own backyard. We have such an interesting array of wildlife in this country and it’s always a surprise to me as to what animals turn up in the yard. I live in the outer edge of suburbia and sometimes I think our place is a wildlife thoroughfare! Apart from my love of animals, I also enjoy writing and I’m a keen photographer, and when my best friend suggested I keep an animal diary, I thought writing a blog would be the perfect way to write about my wildlife encounters and share my photos and videos of the animals with others who have similar interests.

Some of the wildlife I see here are regular visitors to our place, while others are just passing through at different times of the year. You’ll get to see who visits our place and when, see some photos and videos (taken by me on my trusty compact digital camera!), and learn a bit about the animals along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading about my encounters with the wildlife here and I would love to hear about your own experiences or thoughts on my views. Looking forward to connecting with you!