Wildlife Visitors in May 2017

May was the final month of autumn here in Australia, and it was great to see the regular wildlife visitors out and about. I was also happy to see a rare visitor to our place and we also had a surprise visitor!

Below is a Golden Orb Weaver spider with a massive web that I came across in the yard. The spider is about 10cm in total length (including the legs). Look closely, and you’ll see another much smaller spider just above the big spider. That little one is the male!

golden orb weaver male and female

This Monarch Butterfly was fluttering around the yard at the end of the month. I thought it was unusual to see one at this time of year, but apparently where I live these butterflies are still around because it’s warmer along the coastline.

monarch butterfly

Below is a short video of a Juvenile Grey Butcherbird who has nearly got his adult colours. I watched it sitting on the tree branch watching for bugs after my husband mowed the grass.

Plenty of Brushtail Possum visitors during May as well, and there has been lots of running (or chasing!) up and down our veranda as well as on the roof at night! Here’s a photo of a female possum who looks ecstatic at getting a bit of banana! 🙂

brushtail possum eating banana

My rare visitor during May was the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. These are huge birds, about 60cm (24 inches) in length and very majestic to watch. I had 2 sightings of them during the month which is amazing because I’ve only ever seen them a couple of times in the 12 years I’ve been living here. The first visit caught me by surprise, as I was on the veranda and suddenly there were two of them casually flying past my house! I only had my mobile phone on me at the time so snapped this photo.  They were actually a lot closer than they look in the picture.

flying yellow tailed black cockatoos

On the second occasion, I heard the distinctive loud call of one of these cockatoos and raced outside with my camera. One had landed in the gum tree out the back. The photo below is not good quality because it was cropped and enlarged, but it gives you an idea of the lovely yellow colouring on these birds.

yellowtailed black cockatoo

I managed to get a quick video of it before it took off, calling as it went. Sorry if the video is a little dark, it was overcast that morning, but as well as hearing its call, you can see how beautiful this bird is with the lovely black feathers, yellow patch on the cheek and the yellow under the tail. Magnificent!

And finally, here is my surprise visitor (no kidding! 🙂 ).


I’m guessing someone got themselves a goat and it escaped. I thought I could catch it and enquire with the neighbours, but it wouldn’t let me get anywhere near it and toddled off to another neighbour’s place. I haven’t seen it since so I hope it made it home okay.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my wildlife visitors. 🙂

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.

13 thoughts on “Wildlife Visitors in May 2017

  1. Wonderful month of shared wildlife Sue. A brave little Golden orb male , did he survive? Except for the goat we have had the rest here recently. A flock of 8 Yellow tails live on a nearby golf course and spend most of the year in the area. trust your Brushtails are settling soon .

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    1. That would be great having a flock of the yellow tailed cockatoos nearby. The brushies are still running around on the roof, so I hope they’re careful as it’s been raining a lot lately and the tin roof will be slippery!

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  2. We used to see flocks of 30 or more Yellow Tailed Blacks flying over our place but the numbers have really dwindled. I love it when they decide to stop and have a snack in the Gum Trees. Fabulous shot of the possum.

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      1. I love hearing and seeing them even though I don’t think they’re quite as eye catching as the Red-tailed Blacks but we don’t get those down here in the south.

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  3. Hallo Sue
    How lovely to see those yellow-tailed black cockatoos! I’ve seen the red-tailed ones, but never yellow-tailed. The noise they make is similar, though. Quite a wild sound.

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    1. Hi Sarah. I’ve seen the red tails once in the backyard. They are just as magnificent as the yellow tails. You don’t realise just how big these birds are until you get near them.


  4. Your end-of-autumn edition was wonderful! Along with my chuckle at the last photo, it was a treat to see your cockatoo–truly a beautiful bird. Will your possums be around all winter? And, will you feed them bananas? Thanks so much for joining in!

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    1. Hi Tina. The possums are here all year round. They eat the native flowers so when the cooler months appear more possums drop by to visit for a treat. They like to eat most fruit as well as sweet potato, carrot, sultanas and peanuts. And sometimes my mum will give me rose petals from her garden and the possums really enjoy eating those too!


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