Paper Bark Tree

The paper bark tree, Melaleuca quinquenervia, is in the same tree family of Myrtaceae as the eucalypt trees. I only have the one paper bark tree on my acreage property.

A paper bark tree on my property

The paper bark tree grows to around 20 metres tall. These trees are found along the Australian mainland coastline from Sydney up to the top of Queensland.


Paper bark trees love moisture and can be found in swamps and along river banks as well as on roadsides and parklands.


The bark of this tree is quite unusual. It is creamy-white and grey in colour, is flaky, and feels, well, papery.

The paper bark has flowers that are cream in colour and resemble bottle brush flowers. The flowers are enjoyed by many birds, insects, and flying foxes.

Flowers on the paper bark tree. (Photo from Wikipedia)


The moisture contained in the spongy outer layers of bark of the paper bark tree protects the inside trunk during fire.


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  1. Enjoyable showcase of our Aussie trees Sue. When I was younger I use to show young ones how to make texture art work using paper bark. My dad used it to line his orchid baskets. They are a very uniquely lovely tree. Enjoy your weekend 😊

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